Create a new ASP.NET Application Example

This is an example of how to create an ASP.NET Application using Visual Studio 2017.

Open Visual Studio, go to File => New => Project..

In the New Project Popup window, select Web from the left side menu, then select ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework) as shown below:

Fill out the following information:

Name: Give the application a name

Location: The location of the project

Solution Name: Give the project solution a name

You have the option to create a directory for this project solution, and the option to add this project to source control.

Click OK after you are done

After clicking OK, you will presented with the options window. For this example, I will select Web Form

For Authentication, you can leave it as No Authentication or change the authentication method. In this example, I will change the Authentication method to use Individual User Accounts authentication.

Click OK and a new project will be created

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